Gas Prevention Diet


Things to avoid:

  1. Dairy Products-Milk (including 1%, 2% and skim), Cream (including in coffee and milk in cereal), Ice Cream, Butter and Cheeses. You can use Lactaid milk or chew Dairy-ease tablets with milk products (both over the counter). Yogurt is permitted.
  2. Sorbitol containing foods- Sugar free candies and gums, many diabetic candies and chocolates, certain cough syrups or other medicinal syrups. Many fruits, especially cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, prunes, apples, pears, grapes, certain melons and their respective juices. Citrus fruits and bananas are permitted initially,however if symptoms persist, these may need to be avoided as well due to their high fructose content.
  3. Caffeine-Coffee, tea, caffeine containing sodas
  4. Carbonated Beverages- sodas, seltzer, beer, champagne, etc …..
  5. Brassica Vegetables –Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Can use Bean (available over the counter). Put a few drops on first forkful to help digest.
  6. Many other raw vegetables- can try Beano.
  7. Gum chewing can cause gas.
  8. Avoid eating fast as this can cause Aerophagia (the swallowing of large amounts of air).
  9. Foods containing fructose including fructose based corn syrup.

NOTE: The above list is just guidelines. You as the patient must determine which of the above seems to make your gas problems worse and adjust your diet accordingly. Adhere to diet for one week. Then add one item back per day and see if symptoms worsen. Make a list of things to avoid and things that are okay to eat.