What is an EndoFLIP?

EndoFLIP is a minimally invasive medical device used to enhance current procedures such as the endoscopy. EndoFLIP is a technology that simultaneously measures the area across the inside of a gastrointestinal organ (for example, the esophagus) and the pressure inside that organ.

How is EndoFLIP performed?

During upper endoscopy, while you are sedated, your doctor will place a catheter through your mouth into your esophagus. Fluid is passed through the catheter to inflate a cylinder-shaped balloon that contains specialized sensors. From the patient’s perspective, undergoing a diagnostic EndoFLIP is exactly similar to the experience of undergoing upper endoscopy. The procedure can add 10 to 15 minutes to the total duration of the endoscopy.

Who needs EndoFLIP?

EndoFLIP can help find the cause of difficulty swallowing; for example, in patients with suspected achalasia, or in patients who have difficulty swallowing after surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). EndoFLIP can also be used to perform a therapeutic dilation, without the need for X-rays.

This entire process allows the gastroenterologist to see each and every detail from within the esophageal wall, which may otherwise go unnoticed during a regular endoscopy. EndoFLIP has now made it easier than ever to assess the function of a patient’s esophagus, diagnose their condition, and get them started on an ideal treatment plan.


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